The Florida Capitol Report For The Week Of April 24-28

The Legislature is finally conducting formal budget conferencing committee meetings. However, unlike most years, issues pertaining to us like pensions and pay raises have already been announced. Albeit without a whole lot of detail.

Here’s what we can say with certainty:

  • For the Florida Retirement System, there will be changes to the system, but nothing will change for Special Risk
  • Every State Employee is receiving a pay raise
  • Law Enforcement and Corrections will receive the largest pay raises

That’s all we officially know at the moment. The specifics are being withheld while budget conferencing progresses along. We have learned that until you actually see it in writing do not assume the deal is done.

So that means we have “Known Knowns” and “Known Unknowns” to paraphrase former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Our “Known Unknowns” are as follows:

  • How exactly Special Risk employees are unaffected by the FRS changes … we do know that Special Risk will not see changes
  • Also we do not know the final composition (meaning the amount and scope of employees included) in the Law Enforcement and Corrections pay raises… we do know that these employee groups are receiving the largest raises

As soon as we know specifics, we will share the details with you. Stay tuned to our emails over the weekend.

As always, please stay safe.

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