Join the Broward County PBA and be part of a countywide organization that will fight for your rights as a law enforcement officer.

The BCPBA application process is fast and simple. Only three forms are required: Member Application, Payroll Authorization and Death Beneficiary.

Either print and fill out the PDF forms below or use our online submission forms with electronic signature capability.


PDF Forms 

Print out the 3 forms you need below. Fax, email or drop off the completed forms to the BCPBA office. Our fax number is (954) 583-0405, email is or stop by our office with your paperwork. We are open daily from 8:30 – 4:30.


You will need to download Adobe Reader to view the PDF forms.

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Online Forms (please submit all three forms)

To submit your information online, use the forms below. We will need three forms in total: membership application, death benefit beneficiary form, payroll authorization (BSO must register through its internal portal but fill out the confirmation form below in addition.) You may sign the online forms using a stylus, mouse or your finger if you are using a device with a touch pad.

Membership Application

Death Beneficiary Form

Authorization for Payroll Deduction Form (ALL OTHERS)

Confirmation of MYBSO Voluntary Deduction Registration (BSO ONLY)


Do I Have Job Protection?

This is a question you should ask yourself if you work for a police agency in Broward County, either as a police officer or a civilian employee.


Membership Benefits


DUES: As of October 01, 2013


Sworn officers under a PBA Collective Bargaining Agreement – 1% of the average police officer salary within Broward County.

$25.98 bi-weekly (payroll deduction)
$168.87 quarterly (individually billed)
$56.29 per month

Sworn officers not under a PBA Collective Bargaining Agreement

$139.86 quarterly (individually billed)
$46.62 per month

Support (non-sworn) not under a PBA Collective Bargaining Agreement

$127.05 quarterly (individually billed)
$42.35 per month

Figures as of October 01, 2013. Dues are increased annually in October in accordance with PBA policy to keep pace with the cost of providing services, including collective bargaining, legal representation and office staff.


As a member of the Broward County P.B.A., you can have the job protection you deserve. If you have any questions contact the Broward County PBA.


Legal Assistance

Discipline: An attorney will be provided to any member who receives discipline for a job-related incident.

Grievances: PBA provides a full-time staff attorney to handle grievances members may have regarding any violations of the member’s collective bargaining agreement. The PBA also provides instructional seminars for local representatives so they can assist a member in the early stages of a grievance.

Shooting Scenes: PBA provides an attorney to represent a member at the scene of on-duty shootings or accidents with serious injuries.

Civil Suits: PBA provides an attorney if you are named as a defendant in any civil action arising out of duties as a law enforcement officer.

Criminal Actions: If any member, while acting within his/her scope of employment, is charged with a criminal act he/she will be provided with an attorney.

Internal Affairs Investigations: Whenever a member is the subject of an internal affairs investigation he/she has the right to have a PBA attorney present during any questioning.

Criminal Justice Standards and Training: Any member while appearing in front of the Police Standards Board with regards to maintaining his/her police certification, will be provided representation by a PBA attorney.

Arbitration: If a member grievance goes to arbitration he/she has the right to have the PBA attorney handle the grievance, at which time the cost of the arbitrator will be paid by the PBA.

Prepaid Legal Assistance Plan (P.L.A.P.): As a member you will be provided an attorney (no cost) for the following: Initial consultation, disciplinary proceedings including certification hearings and state attorney appearances for matters not within the course and scope of employment, divorces, (non-contested) worker’s compensation claims, purchase and or sale of primary residence, off-duty traffic infractions, simple or living will. As a member you will be asked to pay any and all legal costs which pertains to your case.


Death/Disability Benefit

As a member of the PBA you are eligible for insurance coverage through the Florida PBA Heart Fund, a charitable organization. The benefits include:

Disability Benefits to officers permanently and totally disabled due to a catastrophic injury while in actual performance of their duties ($15,000).

Death benefits for officers killed in the actual performance of their duties ($30,000); and all benefits are payable to either the officer, spouse, or dependent children.


Political Activity / Legislative Representation

In Tallahassee, the PBA employs a full-time staff of lobbyists to aid in obtaining legislation beneficial to the Law Enforcement profession. We also maintain a constant watch on the local scene to be politically involved in local elections.

P.A.C. Fund: The PBA (State & County) has a political action fund that contributes to local and state political races with a focus on candidates who support law enforcement.


Education Benefits

Seminars: The PBA provides instructional seminars to members on such topics as Contract Negotiations, Political Action, Grievances, and more.

Information Bank: PBA maintains an up-to-date salary comparison survey (including pay and benefits) on all police agencies in Broward County.


Free Mental Health Services through L.E.A.P.

As a member in good standing with the Broward County PBA members receive free mental health services through the Law Enforcement Assistance Program (L.E.A.P.). The program director is John A. LaPointe, Ph.D. Members may schedule appointments with him by calling (954) 327-0396 or (561) 391-9994. Some of the areas that Dr. LaPointe specializes in are counseling for marriage and family, substance abuse, stress and distress, depression, child and adolescent-related issues, post-trauma, and work-related conflict. Dr. LaPointe makes referrals for psychiatry.


Additional Benefits

Association website and newsletter: As a PBA member you have access to the mobile-friendly website and will receive a monthly BCPBA newsletter, which keeps members updated about what is happening around the county and state.

Dental Insurance: PBA provides either a prepaid plan in which you choose a dentist from a County-wide list or an insured plan using your dentist. (These plans are an additional cost to the dues payment.)

Cellular Phone: As a PBA member you may be on our preferred corporate account receiving discounts on airtime and cellular phone purchases.

Vehicles: As a PBA member you may purchase or lease vehicles at discounted rates.

Other: From time to time members are given additional discounts.

Merchandise: The PBA has metal auto emblems, shirts, hats and other logo items available to all its members.

Member EXTRAS! From time to time, the PBA negotiates group discounts on behalf of our members. These “Member Extras” rotate on a continual basis. If you know of a business or organization who would like to offer a special discount to BCPBA members, please call our Vice President, Rod Skirvin.


Full-Time Staff

The Broward County PBA maintains a full-time staff, which includes attorneys (both in house and independent) who are available to assist our members when a need arises.


Hope Fund

The Broward County Police Benevolent Association has set aside a special fund that may provide assistance to members who are in financial need.

The Hope Fund, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable fund which is funded by donations from PBA members and friends of the PBA. A member may also donate through the payroll deduction for the United Way. The PBA member simply needs to designate on the United Way form that his/her donation be routed to the Hope Fund. All deductions are tax deductible.

The fund is set up to help and assist in the following situations:

Scholarships for children of Police Officers

PBA members who have suffered a family catastrophe

Help support youth activities throughout Broward County

From time to time there will be other situations that the Board of Directors deem necessary to benefit our members and which will be included into the Hope Fund.

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