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Survey Says! BSO Deputies & Sergeants Survey Results for the 2015 to 2018 Contract

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The following are the results calculated from the 413 surveys submitted:

By Senior Vice President

Debbie Reggio


1st Priority: Wages

2nd Priority: Insurance Benefits

3rd Priority: Post-Retirement Health Account

4th Priority: Holiday Pay for Hours Worked

5th Priority: Increase Comp Time Cap and

6th Priority: Promotional Opportunities


The remaining numbered items are a list of additional comments from the surveys. I wanted to make sure your voices were heard and posted.

Please be advised that some of these issues are not contract related and need to be handled in another form. I thank everyone for their input.

  1. Raise Dive Team Supplement equal to Dade Co. or Swat. ***Bought up by 2 people
  2. Increase life insurance (Term Policy).
  3. Availability to cash in hours 80 sick leave in December.
  4. Personal Day and Bonus Day for hours worked (12).     ***Brought up by 17 people
  5. Excess of sick leave to be donated to the sick leave pool for employees with severe illness or cash out excess sick leave.                               ***Brought up by 2 people
  6. Eliminating the zone fee for having a take home vehicle out of the county, gas has gone down.                                                                       ***Brought up by 34 people
  7. When donating time to others who are sick, sick time should be used not annual or holiday leave.
  8. Increase annual leave benefit by 40 hours after 20 years of service.
  9. New training facility.
  10. Would like to have choices of insurance companies and be able to opt out and receive supplement. *** Brought up by 5 people
  11. If you do not call out sick for 1 year have the option to move 40 hours of sick leave to vacation.                                                                                    ***Brought up by 2 people
  12. Increase vacation cap. ***Brought up by 5 people
  13. Increase sick leave cap.                                                        ***Brought up by 5 people
  14. Increase K-9 supplement.
  15. Don’t lose overtime hours, due to on duty injuries resulting in workman’s comp hours or no work or light duty status.
  16. Get rid of Coventry.                                                             ***Brought up by 4 people
  17. Doctors are dropping Coventry.
  18. Add workout time into work schedule.
  19. Don’t agree to agility test.
  20. Do away with the 12 hour shifts.          ***Brought up by  4 people
  21. Saturday as the alternate day so everyone has part of two weekends a month.
  22. Training is for one week straight not broken up.
  23. Overtime for training Alpha Shift.
  24. Sell time before losing it over the cap.
  25. Increase sick leave, post retirement buy out.
  26. Separation of Dep. and Sgt.’s unit into two bargaining units. ***Brought up by 2 people
  27. Increase Detectives supplement pay and make equal to Swat and FTD pay. ***Brought up by 3 people
  28. Equal gas fees for all employees.
  29. Sheriff needs to provide more than one option for health insurance. ***Brought up by 2 people
  30. No increased payment for employees to keep health benefits. This will offset any raise.
  31. Restore Corporal position/career development for rank and file.
  32. Make details pension free of deductions.                        ***Brought up by 3 people
  33. Ability to choose your district annually.
  34. Buy back time, sick and annual.
  35. Increase pay for motors.
  36. More comfortable uniforms.
  37. A COLA is not a raise.
  38. Seniority movement of positions.
  39. Stipend given for not using BSO insurance.
  40. A vest that would allow us to carry some of the tools in our gun belt. This is convenient for health reasons and even safety; we could carry first aid emergency tools there: Tourniquet, etc.
  41. Salary contingency if Gov. Scott takes more than 3%. The additional cut should come back to us since that money is already allotted.
  42. Increase detail pay.
  43. Make the 12 hour shift a contractual agreement.
  44. Have a 12 hour Charlie Shift.                                    ***Brought up by 2 people
  45. Look at Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office take home vehicle policy.
  46. The Membership should vote on the Executive Board Officer.
  47. Marked Emergency vehicles should be permitted in HOV lanes where they are both a deterrent and can safely assist stranded motorists.
  48. If the union and agency would take a common sense stand to support amending current legislation something may get accomplished.
  49. Assignment pay for administrative Sergeant’s.                            ***Brought up by 2 people
  50. Please support change in Sgt.’s test requirement from 5 years of BSO experience to 5 years total enforcement experience.
  51. Additional language that would prohibit ties. That is additional points for years of experience, education, etc.
  52. Make specialized units a permanent position. Not one that can be taken at the whim of the command.
  53. Use of cars in Palm Beach County.
  54. Sworn positions for deputies injured in the line of duty and are unable to obtain a disability pension, and are unable to go back to the road. Don’t force deputies to leave or take a demotion.
  55. PBA should have representation for deputies injured in the line of duty just like you do for deputies involved in shootings and I. A.
  56. Add language to the contract to either have BSO fund additional/current 3% FRS contribution and or exempt BSO from any future FRS % increases.              ***Brought up by 2 people
  57. Why don’t we ever focus more on Post-Retirement Health Account, it’s our biggest monthly bill at retirement!
  58. No transfers from anywhere without aggressive discipline. ***Brought up by 2 people
  59. Increase the funding for the college tuition and book fund.
  60. Compensation for specialized unit supervisor, (e.g. CI Sgt.’s) answering calls and dispatching detectives off duty.
  61. Fund Allocation to reduce dues responsible by covered employees if possible.
  62. Additional pay to the new unit, the Quick Response Field Force which is in the developing stage and will be a test for this unit.

We will now move forward in setting up contract negotiations with the Sheriff’s personnel and keep you updated.  As always it is an open forum and you are able to attended and watch the process.