It seems that a day doesn’t go by when you can’t turn on the television, or read a newspaper, and not be faced with yet another story alleging police misconduct in America. The reality is there are more cameras or video recording devices than ever before–including the smart phones the public possesses to capture just about anything.

Of course the good deeds by the men and women in uniform, violent acts perpetrated by offenders, or the meritorious acts taken by law enforcement seem to miss being reported by the media. Supervisors in roll calls, briefings, or line ups everywhere should and must constantly remind their subordinates to conduct themselves as if they are on video the entire shift. Remember: Officer safety is paramount. Continue to take charge of the situation and do not hesitate to use force to protect yourself or the public. The pendulum will swing back to the conservative side when the public is tired of being victimized by these so called troubled people.

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Stay safe out there.