Capitol Report: Critical Market Pay Update


The Governor signed the critical market pay additive into law yesterday.  Therefore, effective July 1, 2015, the agency will pay a $5,000 critical market pay additive to Troopers in the following counties: Hillsborough, Orange, Pinellas, Duval, Marion and Escambia.  You must reside and be assigned to one of these six counties in order to receive the pay additive. Also, this additive only applies while you meet the reside and assigned to criteria.

The agency will also pay the additive to Lieutenants in the six counties.

We have discussed a number of unique circumstances with the agency about residency requirements.  At this time, we are waiting for the agency to review our requests and provide us with an official response.  As soon as we learn more we will send out the information.

As always stay safe.



Palm Beach County Sheriff Comments on Law Enforcement in the Media

Sheriff Rick Bradshaw was not able to attend the Palm Beach PBA annual ball prepared a special message to attendees.

Among the things he said:

“I want everyone that is in law enforcement to hold their heads up high. As far as I am concerned law enforcement in this county is as good as you can get.”

He also stated that to those who say that all law enforcement is bad because some mistakes have been made is wrong.

The Sheriff stated that he’s behind his deputies and will back them up.



A link to the full video is below.

Grand jury clears 6 deputies, and 5 officers in four fatal shootings

Six Broward Sheriff’s deputies and five police officers have been cleared by a Broward County grand jury that reviewed four fatal shootings of civilians.

The grand jury heard the cases during its current six-month term that will end June 30.

Tony Alfero, the lawyer who handled the case on behalf of the Broward County PBA said: “We’re all very thankful that none of the officers were killed, since he did open fire on them when they weren’t even looking,…”

The full article is below: