According to the BSO Human Resources Department, your dues will automatically cease on October 3, 2015. This means you will no longer be a member of the PBA unless you contact the PBA office to advise that you would like to keep your membership.


Can I continue my PBA membership? Yes. You will be billed on a quarterly basis.


What will my dues be?    Dues will now be $21.52 bi-weekly.


Do I lose any PBA Benefits? No. Not if you remain a member in good standing.


Do I have to join IUPA? No.


Can I belong to both unions? Yes.


Can I vote for contracts if I am a PBA member? Yes. You are still a member of the Deputies and Sergeants Bargaining Unit.


Can I attend collective bargaining meetings as a PBA member? Yes. These meetings are open to the collective bargaining unit.


What will happen to my AFLAC/Disability Insurance deductions? We are currently researching this.


Is it possible for Sergeants to create their own bargaining unit? We are currently researching this.


Will I still have legal representation on my open cases? Yes, if you keep your PBA membership in good standing.


Will Chris Palamara still represent me at the ABB Board?  Yes, if you keep your PBA membership in good standing.


Will there still be PBA Representatives? Yes.


For membership-related questions, contact Ann via email: asaunders@bcpba.org


PDF Version of this information.