On June 15th, the Florida PBA held a meeting with the PBA representatives on the Career Development Plan Workgroup. The workgroup members met with Chapter Presidents and PBA staff to discuss the structure of the our initial proposal to the official workgroup. The official workgroup will consist of PBA representatives, management representatives and the Department of Management Services (DMS).

The official workgroup will begin meeting after July 1, 2016.

As the workgroup meets and proposals are worked out, we will begin to fill in more details for you. So with that in my mind, here’s a brief summary outline of our proposed plan:

  • Voluntary plan – Officers have the option to participate or not.
  • Front loaded increases to address critical retention needs for all agencies. Combined 57% of the officers have less than 10 years of service with the state of Florida. Every agency has an officer population with at least 50% of the officers at 10 or less years of service.
  • During the implementation year, officers are grandfathered in to receive increases based on their previous years of service.
  • Following the implementation year, officers must meet certain training or educational requirements in order to be eligible for the next increase.

Thank you for reading this update and please stay tuned. As always, stay safe.