Last week, the brave men and women in Broward County Law Enforcement were unfortunately called upon to serve as a horrified nation watched their every move. As an active shooter scenario unfolded at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, hundreds of Broward County’s finest responded with weapons in hand and tactical vests donned to assist The Broward Sheriff’s Office with the monumental task. None of these brave men and women asked, “Are we covered under the mutual aid agreement? Are we on overtime? Do we have jurisdiction to take a police action?” They just showed up and asked, “Where do you need me?”

No academy or training class, directive or policy manual can prepare an agency to begin to control a scene as complicated as the one that played out just a week ago. How can you possibly attempt to contain potential threats, gather intelligence and simultaneously provide services, and safety, for thousands of grounded passengers? There are plenty of “Monday Morning Quarterbacks” out there, most of which have never managed a critical incident as a law enforcement officer, and are just naturally anti-police critics.

The Broward County PBA cannot say enough about the bravery and valor of these law enforcement men and women, who responded without hesitation, as well as the command presence of Sheriff Scott Israel and his staff and the professional manner in which this situation was managed.

We also hope the subsequent release of the video of the incident does not diminish or detract from the unselfish acts taken by the Broward County law enforcement community who protects and serves the citizens of this great county.


Jeff Marano
President, Broward County PBA