We finished the last week of interim committee meetings before the official start of the 2017 Legislative Session.

PBA lobbyists had a busy week testifying before multiple committees in support of our legislative agenda. PBA President John Rivera was also in Tallahassee to support a potential charter referendum which could transform the Miami-Dade County government. All in all, we believe our entire agenda is strategically positioned heading into the session.

SB 134 by Senator Frank Artiles will allow a charter referendum to be placed on the ballot in Miami-Dade County to ask voters to consider changing the Director of Public Safety to an elected sheriff. Currently, Miami-Dade County is the only county in the state that does not have an elected sheriff and PBA believes that it is time for a change. PBA President and Miami-Dade County PBA President John Rivera testified in support of the legislation. The bill passed the Senate Community Affairs Committee.

HB 305 by Representative Shawn Harrison adds a new guideline to Chapter 943.1718 F.S., authorizing law enforcement officers to review body camera footage prior writing a report, or issuing a statement on an incident he, or she was involved in. PBA Lobbyist Gary Bradford testified in support of the legislation. The bill passed the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee.

All five of the PBA state bargaining units were before the Joint Committee on Collective Bargaining which allows the state and the union to present the unresolved positions (PAY RAISES and Career Development Plan) to a committee of Senators and Representatives of the Legislature. PBA Executive Director Matt Puckett testified on our issues before this committee. The committee does not take a vote, but will issue a letter for the consideration of the presiding legislative officers outlining the unresolved issues at impasse.

Additional issues receiving PBA public support:
SB 154 and HB 39 by Senator Perry Thurston and Representative Evan Jenne will require FDLE to create Autism Awareness Training as part of standard training for law enforcement officers.

SB 550 by Senator Randolph Bracy will exempt the name of a witness to a murder from the public records for two years.

We will have a one week break before the 60 days of session begins. In our estimation, PBA has checked every box we attempted to check prior to the start of session. We look forward to a productive session.