Quick summary of events:

  • PBA’s Law Enforcement and Corrections Day at The Capitol
  • Body camera footage review legislation completes legislative process and is ready for the Governor’s signature
  • Budget negotiations are underway, but nothing has been agreed upon as of today

PBA State Law Enforcement and Corrections Day at The Capitol
During week seven of the session, PBA honored state law enforcement and corrections at The Capitol. Dozens of uniformed officers from all of the PBA’s statewide chapters joined the lobby team at The Capitol. The focus was securing a pay raise.

Pay Raises Proposals
The Senate and House must reach a single version of the budget before June 30. Negotiations are underway.

The proposed budget details are:

  • The Senate budget includes a pay raise for all state employees on September 30, 2017 ($1,400 for employees earning under $40,000 per year and $1,000 for employees earning over $40,000). This raise is on top of the specific raises for the units listed below.
  • Both budgets include a 5% across the board pay raise for the FHP, Law Enforcement Officers and FDLE Special Agents bargaining units (Senate Plan includes the Lottery Law Enforcement Unit, but House left the unit out by mistake).
  • Correctional Officers of all classes in the Security Services bargaining unit will receive an additional pay raise in the Senate Budget. On July 1, 2017, each correctional officer in all classes of the bargaining unit will receive a minimum of $2,500, or the amount necessary to move the employee to following new base amount:
  • Correctional Officer – $33,500
    Correctional Officer SGT – $36,850
    Correctional Officer LT – $40,535
    Correctional Officer CPT – $44,589

    The House proposal includes a $1,300 across the board pay raise for COs in all bargaining unit classes with no changes to the minimum class salaries.

    Correctional Probation Officers (all bargaining unit classes) and Institutional Security Specialists are only included in the across the board September 30 raise for all state employees in the Senate budget. PBA has asked that both officer groups be included in the correctional officers proposal for July 1, 2017. PBA lobbyists, CPO and ISS members met with multiple legislators, legislative leaders and Secretary Julie Jones to lobby for inclusion in the July 1 raise. The feedback we received is very encouraging.

    We are now in the budget negotiations process. This part of the session is always the most intense. PBA put a strong case forward for pay raises this year and our prospects look good. However, we still have two weeks left and the hard part will be keeping our patience.

    Body Camera Footage Review
    Senator Greg Steube passed HB 305/SB 624on the Senate floor. The legislation will allow an officer wearing a body camera to review the body camera footage prior to making a statement or writing a report about an incident. The legislation has been enrolled and will be sent to the Governor very soon.

    I thank everyone who travelled to help us with the PBA’s law enforcement and corrections day. It was a successful event. We appreciate your efforts as a recruiter for your agency and the generosity of your agency for allowing you to participate in uniform. We all made a great impression.