BCPBA Prepaid Legal Assistance Plan (PLAP)

Broward County PBA Prepaid Legal Assistance Plan (PLAP)

The Broward County PBA recognizes that our members have daily exposure to lawsuits and other legal matters that affect both their business and personal affairs and are often in need of legal assistance. A brief overview of the plan is provided on this page. Please download the P.L.A.P. brochure HERE to read more comprehensive information about the Prepaid Legal Assistance Plan.

Legal services for the PLAP are rendered by The Law Offices of Michael Braverman, P.A., who is authorized to engage in the practice of law within the State of Florida.

Michael Braverman was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1988. He worked for the Dade County Police Benevolent Association from 1986-1996, and served as the Dade County PBA’s General Counsel from 1993-1996. Mr. Braverman is familiar with all aspects of the Law Enforcement Bill of Rights. A large percentage of his practice focuses on administrative law, certification/licensing (FDLE), collective bargaining and public sector labor law. For more information contact Michael Braverman at (954) 791-2010.

Who is eligible for the Prepaid Legal Assistance Plan?

All members in good standing of the Broward County PBA who have been members for at least thirty (30) days are entitled to PLAP benefits upon certification of eligibility. Anyone receiving benefits under the PLAP shall be known as a Plan Participant (Participant).

Plan Benefits

No-Cost Services
Eligible members are entitled to the following services at no charge for legal representation.*

  • Legal consultation
  • Simple will
  • Living will
  • General power of attorney
  • Durable power of attorney
  • Purchase and/or sale of primary residence
  • Incorporation
  • Dissolution of marriage (uncontested, with or without children, with written property settlement included)**
  • Adoption (uncontested stepparent)
  • Unemployment compensation hearings
  • Name change
  • Disciplinary proceedings, including certification hearings and state attorney appearances for matters not within the course and scope of employment
  • Third-party claims/personal injury claims
  • Off-duty traffic infractions (does not cover DUI, driving with a suspended driver’s license or any other criminal traffic matters)

*Participants are responsible for paying any court costs and/or expenses incurred.

** No annulments.

Reduced-Charge Services
These services are available to participants at the reduced charges set forth below. Court costs and other expenses incurred are additional and the responsibility of the participant.

Service Normal Charge PLAP Rate
Misdemeanors (State) $5,000 $2,500
Felonies(State) $10,000 $5,000
DUI and other criminal traffic violations $5,000 $2,500
Other matters $300/hr. $100/hr.

Excluded Legal Services

The Prepaid Legal Assistance Plan does not provide legal services in the following instances:

  • Any matter requiring practice before a Federal Bankruptcy Court
  • Any case in which defense is provided through insurance policy and/or as an incident to employment or covered by the Broward County PBA’s counsel
  • All legal matters pending or accrued prior to the participant’s eligibility PLAP benefits
  • All matters involving taxes
  • Any matter which would constitute a conflict of interest by the firm of Michael Braverman, P.A.

Please download the PLAP brochure HERE to read more comprehensive information about the Prepaid Legal Assistance Plan.