Join the Broward County PBA and be part of a countywide organization that will fight for your rights as a law enforcement officer. The application process is fast and simple. Only three forms are required: Membership Application, Payroll Deduction Authorization (for bargaining unit members) or Authorization To Charge Debit/Credit Card (for non-bargaining members) and Death Beneficiary. You can access these online forms at the bottom of this page.


Discipline: An attorney will be provided to any member who receives discipline for a job related incident.

Grievances: PBA provides a full-time staff attorney to handle grievances members may have regarding any violations of the member’s collective bargaining agreement. The PBA also provides instructional seminars for local representatives so they can assist a member in the early stages of a grievance.

Shooting Scenes: PBA provides an attorney to represent a member at the scene of on-duty shootings or accidents with serious injuries.

Civil Suits: PBA provides an attorney if you are named as a defendant in any civil action arising out of duties as a law enforcement officer.

Criminal Actions: If any member, while acting within his/her scope of employment, is charged with a criminal act, he/she will be provided with an attorney.

Internal Affairs Investigations: Whenever a member is the subject of an internal affairs investigation, he/she has the right to have a PBA attorney present during any questioning.

Criminal Justice Standards and Training: Any member, while appearing in front of the Police Standards Board with regards to maintaining his/her police certification, will be provided representation by a PBA attorney.

Arbitration: If a member grievance goes to arbitration, he/she has the right to have a PBA attorney handle the grievance, at which time the cost of the arbitrator will be paid by the PBA.

Prepaid Legal Assistance Plan (P.L.A.P.): As a member, you will be provided an attorney (at no cost) for the following: initial consultation, disciplinary proceedings including certification hearings and state attorney appearances for matters not within the course and scope of employment, divorces, (non-contested worker’s compensation claims, purchase and/or sale of primary residence, off-duty traffic infractions, simple or living will.


As a member of the PBA, you are eligible for insurance coverage through the Florida PBA Heart Fund, a charitable organization. The benefits include:

  • Up to $30,000 to officers permanently and totally disabled due to catastrophic injury while in actual performance of their duties.
  • Up to $75,000 for officers killed in the actual performance of their duties; and all benefits are payable to either the officer, spouse or dependent children.


In Tallahassee, the PBA employs a full-time staff of lobbyists to aid in obtaining legislation beneficial to the law enforcement profession. We also maintain a constant watch on the local scene to be politically involved in local elections.

P.A.C. Fund: The PBA (state and county) has a political action fund that contributes to local and state political races which in turn helps influence our candidates to take a strong stance on issues relating to law enforcement.


Seminars: The PBA provides instructional seminars to members on such topics as: contract negotiations, political action, grievances, etc.

Information Bank: PBA maintains an up-to-date salary comparison survey (including pay and benefits) on all police agencies in Broward County.


The Broward Centurion: As a PBA member, you will receive digitally our monthly magazine, The Broward Centurion, which helps the PBA communicate with its members.

Member Xtras: These are discounts offered to our members by financial service companies, auto dealerships, car rental agencies, mortgage companies, travel agencies and hotels, retailers and entertainment companies that support law enforcement.


The Broward County PBA has created a special fund that helps our members with needs that are beyond their control, while also engaging the youth of South Florida through education, mentoring and athletics.

The HOPE Fund, Inc., is a non-profit 501(c)(3) registered charitable fund which is funded by donations from PBA members and friends of the PBA, as well as charity events held throughout the year. A member can also donate through the payroll deduction for the United Way by designating on the United Way enrollment form that his/her donation be routed to The HOPE Fund. All contributions are tax deductible.

The fund is set up to help and assist in the following situations:

  • PBA members who have had catastrophes in their family
  • Scholarships for children of law enforcement officers
  • Help support youth activities in Broward County

From time to time, there will be other situations that the Board of Directors deem necessary to benefit our members, which will be included into The HOPE Fund.


  • The PBA proposed legislation that passed giving law enforcement officers the right to engage in collective bargaining. The contract and safeguards you now have go back to this legislation.
  • The PBA successfully argued before the Florida Supreme Court that public employees’ right to collectively bargain supercedes Civil Service Rules and Regulations.
  • The PBA proposed legislation that passed creating the Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) for Florida Retirement System employees.
  • The PBA proposed legislation that passed creating the Heart and Lung Law, which provided that any condition or impairment of health caused by tuberculosis, heart disease or hypertension resulting in total or partial disability shall be presumed to have been accidental and to have been suffered on duty.
  • The PBA proposed legislation that passed doubling existing death benefits (maximum $150,000) for state and local officers killed in the line of duty. It also allowed surviving children and spouses to attend college (through postgraduate school) tuition-free.

For members of departments that the Broward County PBA collectively bargains for: Broward County District School Board Police, Coconut Creek, Hillsboro Beach, Lauderhill Lieutenants, Lighthouse Point, Margate, Pembroke Pines, Pembroke Pines Civilians, Sea Ranch Lakes, Sunrise Lieutenants and Wilton Manors. If your department was not listed, please fill out the non-bargaining application below.

To submit your information online, please click on the button below. You will need to complete the entire form: membership application, death beneficiary form and payroll deduction authorization. You may sign the online forms using a stylus, mouse or your finger if you are using a device with a touch pad.


To submit your information online, please click on the button below. You will need to complete the entire form: membership application, death beneficiary form and authorization to charge debit/credit card. You may sign the online forms using a stylus, mouse or your finger if you are using a device with a touch pad.


Be sure to click on the button below to download the Broward County Property Appraisor’s Home Address Confidentiality Form. By filling out this form and returning it to the property appraiser’s office, your home address will be shielded from the public record and any public record search.