Grand jury clears 6 deputies, and 5 officers in four fatal shootings

Six Broward Sheriff’s deputies and five police officers have been cleared by a Broward County grand jury that reviewed four fatal shootings of civilians.

The grand jury heard the cases during its current six-month term that will end June 30.

Tony Alfero, the lawyer who handled the case on behalf of the Broward County PBA said: “We’re all very thankful that none of the officers were killed, since he did open fire on them when they weren’t even looking,…”

The full article is below:

These days, you can go to prison for doing your job.

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These days, you can go to prison for doing your job.

That’s right. In today’s climate, one bad incident can ruin your career and potentially land you
in jail just for doing your job. If that happens, you will need an organization with financial
strength and a successful track record defending BSO Deputies.

We recently notified you of a union election between the Broward County PBA and a shell
organization called the International Union of Police Associations. Soon, you will hear a lot
about this group and whether or not it can deliver on its many promises. This is a choice that
will radically affect not only pay and benefits, but whether or not you will have the legal
protections to secure you and your family’s future.

You are all trained investigators. As this election nears, ask the tough questions. Demand
specifics. Insist on facts, not promises.

Above all, don’t be complacent. This election could radically affect the legal protections you and
your family depend on for years to come.


Broward County Police Benevolent Association
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312
(954) 584-7600 ❖ FAX: (954) 583-0405

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BCPBA President on New York Times article “A Florida Police Killing Like Many, Disputed and Little Noticed”



BCPBA President, Jeff Marano, added comment to the  New York Times story, “A Florida Police Killing Like Many, Disputed and Little Noticed.”

The article  reports on investigations following the shooting of Jermaine McBean by a BSO Deputy.

Jeff Marano’s comments are excerpted below.

“Jeff Marano, president of the Broward County Police Benevolent Association, said he was confident that Deputy Peraza, who is Hispanic, would be cleared. He said despondent people sometimes point unloaded BB guns at police officers in an effort to die by ‘suicide by cop’  and added that a police officer is killed in America every 50 hours.

I am confident that the deputy took appropriate action based on what he knew at the time and the threat he perceived at the time,’ Mr. Marano said.”

The full text of the article may be read at the New York Times website linked below.