BCPBA Police Memorial

Police Memorial

The Broward County PBA maintains a police memorial to honor Broward County’s fallen heroes. The memorial is located at the BCPBA offices and may be visited during regular business hours. The mural, painted by Stephen Williams, son of Dave Williams, a retired lieutenant from Sunrise, was inspired by the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, DC.

It features a rendering of one of the lion statues from the national memorial, meant to symbolize courage and valor. Also featured in the BCPBA’s memorial is a replica of the “Officer Down” statue that was commissioned by the Florida, Dade, Broward and Palm Beach PBAs and stands in Capitol Plaza, the site of the annual state law enforcement memorial ceremony. The wall bears the names of Broward County law enforcement officers who have been killed in the line of duty, along with the inscription, “It is not how they died, but how they lived.” Work on the mural began in October 2009.

Below is a list of Broward County’s fallen officers. Click on the officer or deputy’s name to view their profile at the NLEOMF website.



End of Watch

John Clifton Dania PD March 7, 1914
William Louis Cox Dania PD August 24, 1915
Owen Coleman Hollywood PD January 24, 1926
Phillip Lee Hallandale PD April 29, 1928
Clyde Dixon Hallandale PD May 10, 1928
R Dwight Johnston Fort Lauderdale PD April 5, 1947
Henry F. Wilton Hallandale PD April 19, 1956
Arthur Fillebrowan Sheriff’s Office August 26, 1957
James Edgar Hillberry Sheriff’s Office December 4, 1964
Jimmy Thompson Florida Fish & Wildlife June 25, 1968
Donald E. Kirby Fort Lauderdale PD October 9, 1968
Jerry Joseph Genova Lauderdale Lakes PD November 15, 1972
Henry T. Minard Hollywood PD November 18, 1972
Austin Hepburn Jr. Hallandale PD July 27, 1973
Byron William Riley Hollywood PD August 30, 1973
Phillip Carl Yourman Hollywood PD August 30, 1973
Walter Demitrie Ilyankoff Fort Lauderdale PD July 21, 1974
John Daniel Kennedy Delray Beach PD August 10, 1974
Phillip A. Black FHP Trooper February 20, 1976
James Taylor Thomas Dania PD April 19, 1977
Robert Hugh Milligan Sheriff’s Office August 12, 1978
Joseph Conte Sheriff’s Office July 11, 1979
Worth Edwards Sheriff’s Office March 15, 1980
Kenneth Peterson Fort Lauderdale PD August 3, 1981
John C. Alexander Fort Lauderdale PD August 3, 1981
Frankie Mae Shivers Hollywood PD September 6, 1982
William S. Hart Hallandale PD December 21, 1982
Charles E. Bruce Fort Lauderdale PD August 24, 1983
Tony Yanniello Sheriff’s Office October 18, 1984
John King Healy Seminole, Florida PD February 23, 1986
Stephen G. Rouse FHP Trooper March 28, 1987
Norman Lewis Eddy Jr. Fort Lauderdale PD May 25, 1989
Frankie Anthony Mastrangelo Jr.  Fort Lauderdale PD May 25, 1989
John W. Greeney III Sheriff’s Office February 18, 1990
Scott Adams Winters Pompano Beach PD July 29, 1990
Patrick Kelly Behan Sheriff’s Office November 13, 1990
Donald Dante Thornbury Miccosukee, Florida PD October 26, 1991
Kimberly Ann Hurd FHP Trooper July 16, 1992
David L. Brower Fort Lauderdale PD December 29, 1994
Donald Jennings FHP Trooper June 30, 1995
Bryant Howard Peney Fort Lauderdale PD January 6, 1996
Emir Benitez DEA Special Agent August 9, 1997
Gregory J. Conners Fort Lauderdale PD November 12, 1997
Shawn Edmond Curl DEA Special Agent December 12, 1997
Michael J. Metroka Sheriff’s Office December 15, 1997
Michael Christopher Doane Sheriff’s Office December 24, 1999
Charles T. Randall Florida Fish & Wildlife October 28, 2001
Philip Guy Billings Sheriff’s Office April 6, 2003
Curtis Mancini Davie PD January 29, 2004
Todd Michael Fatta Sheriff’s Office August 19, 2004
Jose Antonio Diaz Fort Lauderdale PD October 8, 2005
Ryan Christopher Seguin Sheriff’s Office February 15, 2006
Brian Keith Tephford Sheriff’s Office November 12, 2006
Christopher Reyka Sheriff’s Office August 10, 2007
Michelle Lawless Florida Fish & Wildlife October 27, 2007
Paul Rein Sheriff’s Office November 7, 2007
Alex Del Rio Hollywood PD November 22, 2008
Rogerio Rene Morales Davie PD January 13, 2011
Christopher Allen Schaub Sheriff’s Office September 26, 2012
Daniel Rivera Sheriff’s Office September 21, 2013