President’s Message June 2015




Law enforcement practices are a hot topic as candidates throughout the United States gear up for the 2016 presidential election. Broward County is no exception. It seems everyone is joining in on the body worn camera frenzy. My favorite pro cop-cam argument is that body cameras will modify the behavior of citizens when they come into contact with law enforcement. Following that rational, I wonder what element of the public looted and burned Ferguson Missouri while the national news cameras were live and rolling? What segment of the public looted and burned Baltimore? Was it aliens from another planet who threw rocks, bricks, and bottles at uniformed Baltimore Police Officers in field force formations? Was it extraterrestrials who sent over 50 officers to the hospital while the television cameras were in plain view? Perhaps we should call Mulder and Scully to find out?

The BCBPA has finalized a survey of the Hallandale Beach membership on the issue of body-worn cameras. The survey will be conducted by a third party consultant who will evaluate the opinions of our BCPBA members. The use of force consultant retained by the City of Hallandale Beach preaches that road patrol officers equipped with body cameras must buy into the program for it to be successful. Let’s see.

While we’re on the topic of technology…remember when the Taser was going to change policing? Tasers were going to save lives, and change the public’s perception on police use of force. Now it seems law enforcement has to perform a medical and drug assessment on a subject PRIOR to deploying the Taser.

Yes, 2016 is on the horizon. Both the State Attorney and Public Defender are up for re-election. The prosecution of Broward County law enforcement is a hot topic. Just remember to do whatever you have to do to protect both yourself and the public. As the largest union representing officers and deputies in Broward County, we continue to retain and make available the best legal representation there is.

Stay safe,